The Final Steps

Fabrication is where the magic happens. Days and weeks or sometimes longer spent working through the development process and now we’re ready to start getting things made.

Shop drawings are reviewed once more and then it’s time to start cutting plastics and metals and other materials, ordering specialty fabrication pieces, running digital prints or cutting tactile letters for ADA signs – dozens of processes are coordinated and organized so everything can be assembled as planned.


While many processes take place in our shop, other items may be sent out for production by other specialists; manufacturing specialists, servicing the sign industry who  provide certain components with unparalleled quality. This ensures your job is made with the best tools and techniques and we pass along the cost savings of not having to maintain all the associated overhead.


Lastly we’ll take the pieces and parts and begin assembling them. This is where we can see how all the upfront planning finally comes together. Even though it may be just another job in a day of many jobs for our designers and fabricators, there is always a great sense of pride and accomplishment as projects are completed. We look at the details and the fit and finish with an almost obsessive eye – while there are sometimes minor details we might have done differently no job leaves our shop until its been  checked, approved and is ready for packaging or installation.

Please contact us with any questions.

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