The Design Process

Design is the essential ingredient

The key to a successful project is excellent design. Your sign should be highly visible, easy to read and make you proud of your brand. At Commercial Sign Crafters everyone who works on this aspect of your project is an experienced, knowledgeable production designer. While there are many factors that go into your project, in the end what you see is a successful melding of design and fabrication. A good designer starts with the end in mind and while there are times when you want to challenge the process, a design that has respect for the production process is key to the success of most any sign project.

Design starts with assimilating the various facets of each project and then categorizing and distilling them into various groups and components. If you have a project that has different parts to it, the challenge is to keep everything consistent while conforming to different scales, fabrication techniques and presentations.

An experienced designer is not out to create a showpiece for their portfolio; their job is to solve problems and create things that work for you. Some projects have that extra cool factor to them and some just have good basic fundamentals but in any case they provide a strong, attention getting sign solution.

From the start, senior designers and management need to consider all of the costs and make sure the process doesn’t run away with expensive ideas and cutting edge fabrication unless that was the plan. Sometimes even small things can add up to significant cost or time savings.

ADA and way finding signs are a good example where the primary design concept becomes the foundation for sometimes 100’s or thousands of signs and even small changes have a big impact. Careful planning and design integrated with the limitations of the design process and ADA rules is a key to making projects like these a success.

Design is the function that ties everything together; planning, budget, fabrication and installation are all dependent on the choices and decisions executed in the creative process.

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