The process of custom design and fabrication and how we work together.

The services we provide are complete and straightforward. We’ll work with you to build the parameters of your project, provide estimated costs, shop drawings, proofs, fabrication and installation. We won’t bury you in industry jargon, we’ll clearly explain and illustrate how your project will look and be made.

Consultation is less talking and more listening on our part. We’ll have questions and you’ll have ideas, thoughts and concerns about the scope of your project. We’ll work through the issues and develop a plan that provides you with the results you need. Straight forward discussions about your idea or your business issue – that’s our promise.

We believe in the power of good design – it’s the differentiator that allows you to stand out from your competition. That’s why we carefully listen to you (see Consultation). The more we know about your company and your vision the better we can help reinforce your brand.

Fabrication is more than manufacturing and assembling. This is the exciting and exacting  part of our business where your project becomes a reality. Careful planning and constant quality control, along with a critical artisan eye ensures a successful outcome. “Your vision, Our craft.”

The culmination of everyone’s hard work and investment converges to the installation event. Everything has been planned, crafted, assembled and packaged for the final destination. We pay very close attention to this process and bring the right personnel and equipment to your job site for a safe and successful installation.

Maintenance & Refurbishment: 
This is the less glamorous but no less important part of our business. For signs we install we’re here to help ensure it remains in good working order. Maybe you have an older sign in need of updating. We’ve done numerous ‘rag to riches’ make-overs. If you have a sign with a good set of bones we may be able to help make it like new again and further extend your original investment

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