Consultation & Planning:

A few more details how we work together.

Most sign projects are not off the shelf solutions. If it requires any type of planning then we’ll need to do a certain amount of research to get the process started. Our goal is to develop a common understanding of the project specifications.

You’re purchasing a custom fabrication; the first step is to start with some review of the project scope and the installation site. Usually we’ll prepare a cursory illustration.

Once we have an initial assessment and project scope, a preliminary budget range can be determined.

It’s in everyone’s best interest to establish a base line – if your idea is going to cost $15,000 and your budget is capped at $10,000, we’ll waste everyone’s time and efforts developing the wrong or even inappropriate solution. Our goal isn’t to spend all of your allocated money unless it’s warranted so providing some insight serves to streamline the process.

Exterior signs such as building signs and monument signs are integrated with your building and we usually need to conduct a site survey to get some measurements and photos. We’ll also need to look at specific ordinance criteria to make sure what we’ll be proposing will be allowed. Most outdoor signs are required to have permits and inspections.
For illuminated signs we need to figure out how to get access to power. Sometimes this can be challenging – especially for older buildings that have had improvements and have new walls and facades that are hidden from view.


ADA sign projects generally start with building plans which can help us determine what is needed for successful way finding and room identification as well as ensuring your interior signs satisfy the American Disabilities Act requirements.

In any event, like most things in business, careful planning and upfront consultation is the key to a successful project. At Commercial Sign Crafters we work hard to perform our due diligence to ensure we can deliver what we propose. Every custom project has it’s minor twist and turns as things progress but with a good plan in place you can rest assured your project will be a success.


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