ADA signage is often times the most misunderstood, confusing, and over-looked type of signage. It can also be most troubling type of signage, snaring small to large commercial business owner’s into fines and legal problems. The greater Sacramento area has seen its share of businesses negatively impacted by ADA signage and accessibility compliance requirements, with the story that has garnered national attention of a local disabled attorney who has sued hundreds of businesses for violating his civil rights due to alleged ADA violations. The story has turned pretty ugly, a and unfortunate, with businesses closing their doors unable to meet the cost demands of fines, retrofitting, and/or legal costs.

While many commercial business owners understand that their business or property that’s open to the public needs to be in compliance, most do not understand the specific ADA and accessibility compliance requirements or how the codes and laws apply to their specific commercial business or property. This is understandable as guidelines and code are overwhelming and can put most people to sleep as if you were reading IRS guidelines. California has some ADA signage requirements that are different than other states. While signs are only one aspect of ADA compliance they are a critical factor and a commercial business sign company that specializes in ADA Signage can help businesses and property owners make sense of all the rules. They can also show you how ADA signage can be custom designed to reflect your company’s brand or just about any look or style you are looking to project.

Commercial Sign Crafters Inc., specializes in ADA signage and has helped hundreds of commercial businesses with everything from simple life & safety occupancy signs to the custom designed and fabricated suite signage that meets ADA guidelines and code.

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