Who wants to read a blog about Signs and Marketing? Anyone? I have pictures…

If you have come across our web site/blog page then you’re either a competitor checking us out, or a potential client looking for some help or advice about what we do.
Great either way, but the intent of this blog is to provide a bit of insight about how what we do impacts our clients. We’ll focus on the more interesting projects we get to work on, as well as the functionality of some of our products, but for the most part we’ll try to focus on how your business could interact with ours and the things we do to build and promote your business. We exist to help our customers – sometimes we even get to make some cool stuff along the way.

I’ll share what I’ve experienced and learned – I’ll try to stick to topics you might relate to or discuss situations I’ve encountered where you might find some solace or amusement to read about difficult situations we encountered and the sometimes almost comical steps we’ve had to take to formulate a resolve.. I hope you’ll find something that will help or inspire you to build your business brand and you can leverage from the expertise I’ve developed over the last 20+ years in the design and sign business. My goal is to provide you with useful information or real life anecdotes that will enlighten you about our implementation of branding where we create real objects that amuse, display, inform, keep you safe, direct and sometimes are just to impress; all with the goal to help our clients build their brand.

Maybe you’ll feel we’re worth a phone call to talk about your sign or display project or your business brand — after all that’s very likely why you stumbled upon us.

My Internet consultant told me to start blogging to improve organic search results and use lots of keywords like ‘Northern California Small Business’. He said that realistically not that many people will actually be reading this and just get something out there so the search engines could do their job and it’d lead new potential clients to our web site (is that you?) – kind of like dialing for dollars with words. Since we’re friends and he is the expert at this stuff I tend to listen carefully, but as with all things Internet I figure its good to bend some of the rules and add my own twist and provide something meaningful.
If you’re still reading this then I hope I can compel you to occasionally follow the blog, or maybe ‘Like’ us on Facebook, or join me on Linked In…or not.

We all have 27 other things to get done and at least 26.5 of them seem more important than reading someone else’s blog (but you’d want me to read yours, right?) so I’ll work on finding things that could be of interest and you can always send a suggestion to: dave@comsigncrafters.com.

And if you’d like to talk about your project or need some consultation, then I can be reached in all the usual ways.

I look forward to talking with you.

Commercial Sign Crafters